Niagara Falls Webcams

Niagara Falls Webcams

For millions of people every year, Niagara Falls is a spectacular and awe-inspiring area of outstanding natural beauty to enjoy and appreciate.  This stunning and immensely powerful system of waterfalls and rivers provides a fabulous backdrop for any holiday or romantic getaway.

Niagara is an Indian word, which means ‘strait’ or ‘the neck.’  Niagara Falls is the collective name for the network of waterfalls, lakes and rivers that converge in the area between America and Canada. The waterfalls include:

American and Bridal Veil Falls:

▪  These falls are 180 feet high and over 1000 feet wide. The name derives from the lovely, veil-like appearance of these waterfalls.The Horseshoe Falls:

▪  Shaped much like a horseshoe, these falls are over 160 feet high and over 2500 feet wide. Some of these falls lie in Canadian territory.

Goat Island:

▪  Goat Island separates the Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls, and provides a very popular viewing location for tourists. It is accessible by way of bridges, which run to the island from the mainland.

▪  The falls which are the most powerful in the United States are derived from the Niagara River, which drains one of the largest freshwater lake systems in the world. Situated on the border between Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls runs between Buffalo, New York and Toronto, Ontario. Niagara Falls was created during the last great ice age, during which massive glaciers separated and caused a path to be carved in the region.

▪  The green waters which flow over the falls are caused by dissolved rock salts found within the water. The Great Lakes of North America were also forged during the same ice age event that created Niagara Falls.

▪  The Niagara Falls and the river systems that feed this amazing area, emerged as a product of the last great ice age, over 12,000 years ago. After the first system of falls was created, another geological event occurred changing the location of the falls.

▪  In the 18 century, tourism became very important to this area, as more people began to hear about the spectacular beauty of the waterfalls. Bridges, boating trips and stepped pathways were constructed in response to ongoing demand for access to Niagara Falls.Before the arrival of digital cameras, tourists before would sketch the Niagara Falls and have them as remembrances. Due to the popularity of the Falls, it was used as the setting of films entitled Superman and Niagara.

▪  One of the many features tourists love about Niagara Falls is that it is bathed with the spotlights of different colors at night making the falls even more romantic and colorful.Visitors were once permitted to wander on the ice bridge to view the beauty of the Niagara Falls until 1912 after the bridge broke up where three tourists were killed. Visitors can also enjoy watching mini-icebergs that sit in the Niagara River.

▪  The flow of water over the American Falls was completely stopped for many months in 1969. This idea was aimed at finding out whether it would be possible to remove the huge rocks from the bottom of the falls to enhance the appearance of the falls. In the end, the project was shelved due to its costly nature.

Interesting Facts About Niagara Falls

▪  Niagara Falls are over 2,500 feet wide. The water is derived from The Great Lakes system. Over 2 trillion litres of water flow through the falls each hour. Every year over 22 million people come to the city of Niagara Falls to visit.

▪  The waterfall began flowing over 12,000 years ago.


▪  Niagara Falls presents itself as a great natural challenge to many, and over the years daredevils, stunt artists and climbers have attempted to navigate the falls in various ways.

1901 – Annie Taylor went over the falls in an airtight barrel and survived.

1911 – Bobby Leach went over the edge of the falls in a steel container. He too survived, although he broke his kneecaps and his jaw during the attempt.

1920 – Charles Stephens died while attempting to go over the falls in a wooden barrel. His arm was all that was left of him in the barrel, his body never found.

1928 – Jean Lussier went over the falls in a giant rubber ball, and survived.

1930 – George Statakis suffocated when he became trapped behind the falls

1984 and 1984 – Fines occurred for people attempting to jump over the falls.

1995 – A jet ski goes over the falls, but the parachute does not open. Rober Overcracker dies as a result.

Niagara Falls has long been considered a romantic destination for newly weds. Many of the restaurants and hotels in the area have amazing and awe-inspiring views of the beautiful waterfalls, and this creates a wonderful atmosphere and ambiance for couples.

Historically, Niagara has always been an immensely popular location for newly weds. The trend was believed to have been started by a royal visit to the area, by Napoleon’s brother. The surroundings are mystical and magical, and include secluded picnic spots, filled with flowers, trees and lovely candlelit restaurants.

Many travel agents offer travel packages to the falls. Besides walking trails and bridges, there are boat cruises that can be taken so that you can view the falls from an entirely different perspective.

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, and is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In addition to being extraordinarily beautiful, the site has a rich and interesting history and many wonderful restaurants, hotels and events to enjoy and experience.

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