Italy Webcams

Italy Webcams

Officially the Italian Republic Italy is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic in southern Europe sharing its northern border with Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and France and is more or less established by the Alpine Watershed surrounding the Venetian Plain as well as the Po Valley. The southern region of Italy consists entirely of Mainland Italy and the two largest Mediterranean islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

Additionally included within Italian territory is the islands of Pantelleria, which lies thirty-seven miles east of the Tunisian coast sixty-two miles southwest of the island of Sicily, and Lampedusa, seventy miles from Tunisia, North Africa one hundred and nine miles from Sicily.

Italy’s sovereign states the Vatican City and San Marino are both enclaves within Italy, whereas the Italian commune Campione d’Italia is an Italian exclave within the Swiss canton of Ticino, which lies separated from the rest of Italy by the mountainous regions.  Italy consisting of a total area of 116,347 square miles and known for its mostly temperate climate has with a population of over sixty million and is recognized as the fifth most populous country throughout the European region. Italy has the fourth largest economy within the European Union, third within the euro area and ninth in the world in its Gross Domestic Product.

Facts About Italy

▪  For centuries and even today Italy’s largest city and capital Rome has been the religious and political hub of Western Civilization, accepted as the primary seat of both Christianity and the Roman Empire.

▪  Archeological diggings throughout Italy has discovered a Neanderthal existence which dates as far back as the Paleolithic period more than 200,000 years ago predating the arrival of modern Humans some 40,000 years ago.

▪  The modest agricultural community of Rome was conventionally established in 753 BC, growing for centuries to become a vast empire stretching from Provincia Britannia to the Persian borders and sweeping over the entire Mediterranean basin merging Roman and Greek cultures into a unique civilization. As a result Western civilization for the next thousand years would be deeply influenced by Roman Imperial legacy, shaping the Modern World until its gradual decline during the late 2nd century AD when the Empire was split into two parts in 395 AD.

▪  Italy after the decline of the Roman Empire was captured by the Ostrogoths under Theoderic the Great who established a kingdom in Italy during the late 5th and 6th centuries then later under the Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great and then by the Lombards which marked the beginning of the end of political unity in Italy for the 1,300 years that followed. In the late 8th century, the Lombard kingdom was absorbed by Charles I into the Frankish Empire which aided in the formation of central Italy’s Papal States. Prior to the 13th century Italian politics was solely governed by the relations existing between the Holy Roman Emperors and the Papacy which resulted in the majority of Italian city-states aligning themselves with the Guelphs and Ghibellines factions supporting the Pope and Holy Roman Emperor.

▪  With the monarchy abolished by constitutional referendum in June 2, 1946 Italy has since then been a unitary parliamentary republic. The current Italian President and head of state since 2006 is Giorgino Napolitano elected for a seven year mandate in a joint session of the Parliament of Italy.

▪  Italy’s parliamentary government is founded on e proportional voting system governed by a bicameral legislature divided into two houses, the Senate of the Republic which meets in the Palazzo Madama and the Chamber of Deputies meeting in the Palazo Montecitorio.

▪  As the founding member of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Italy was admitted into the United Nations on December 14th 1955 and is recognized today as an active and strong supporter of several international organizations including the Central European Initiative, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade/World Trade Organization, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Council of Europe.

Skyline Webcams Italy Webcams

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Below is a link taking you to a Panoramic view of the coast located in-between the town and commune of Gallipoli located in southern Italy and Santa Maria di Leuca featured by Skyline Webcams.

View Torre San Giovanni-Green Bay Webcam.

Italy Webcam

Earth TV is known for providing millions of daily images captured from a network of permanently installed motion-controlled broadcasting webcams used to produce a a number of programs offered to live broadcasters worldwide. Shown in the link posted below, the website features a live stream taken from the earthTV camera in Venice, Italy, showing a breathtaking view above the water and the gondolas (flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat) on the canal, the famous Palazzi, the Rialto Bridge as well as boat traffic and pigeons.

View Venice, Italy Webcam.

Rome Italy Webcams

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View Rome Live Webcam at the Hotel Croce di Malta.

Hotel Metropole Bellagio Italy Webcam

The recently restored Hotel Metropole Bellagio, situated in the center of the Italian town of Bellagio and the only Hotel with a direct view of Lake Como features a network of live-broadcast webcams offering online viewers a remarkable 360 degree panoramic view of the breathtaking Lake Como as well as views of the San Martino Church located high upon the of the Villa Melzi gardens.

View Hotel Metropole Bellagio Lake Como Webcam.