Bar Webcams

Bar Webcams

The typical bar can serves as a retail business establishment known for serving alcoholic beverages such as wine, liquor, cocktails and most notably beer for on-premisis consumption.

Most bars are known for providing chairs or stools for their patrons placed at a counter or table. Occasionally a bar may include a stage for entertainment purposes to be used by a live band, strippers, go-go dancers, comedians or even for the patrons themselves during events such as a karaoke night. The majority of bars however which are found offering entertainment to their patrons are generally referred to as nightclubs or musical bars.

The types of bars often seen today range from the stylish and sophisticated establishment catering to entertaining a small group of people known for controlling a disproportionate amount of wealth or the elite, to in informal pub or neighborhood bar where local residents can meet to socialize and drink. Notwithstanding, some bars generally known to be filled to their capacity will often include a happy hour event during which patrons are encouraged to drink off-peak hours.

Most of the time these bars will occasionally include a cover charge or minimum purchase fee during their peak hours additionally offering patrons with live entertainment such as in the form of a band or disc jockey.

Facts about Bars

▪  Drinking establishments during the 19th century of the American Old West were generally known as saloons. The most popularly recognized saloon respective to the town of which was the establishment was located often referred to as the “Western saloon”. Most of these Western saloons can still be seen today across the United States today regardless of the changes in their design and services.

▪  The term “bar” originated from the counter at which drinks are normally served by a bartender. The “back bar” however is recognized as a group of shelves containing bottles and glasses located behind the bar counter. Most bars are noted for decorating their back bars with elaborate woodwork, lights, mirrors and etched glass.

▪  During the first half of the 20th century several countries including, the United States, Finland, Norway and Iceland prohibited the sale and/or consumption of any alcoholic beverage. During this period bars in the United States known for illegally selling alcohol were often referred to as blind pigs or speakeasies. in several countries today including the United States it is illegal for a minor to enter a bar.

▪  Several Muslim countries for religious reasons prohibit bars, however others countries while still observing the Muslim religion such as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are known for allowing bars in specific territories consequently prohibiting Muslims from drinking.

▪ Although the bar owner will customarily decide on the name of the bar establishment, the design, architecture, lighting and any other respective features to successfully attract a particular type of patron they are limited in their influence on the kind or person who chooses to patronize their business. For example, a bar originally designed to attract and accommodate a straight clientele may actually end up as a gay bar.

▪ An upscale bar located at an airport, hotel or restaurant is generally referred to as a cocktail lounge, while an elegant bar known to primarily serve wine and small plates of food or snacks instead of liquor and beer is often acknowledged as a wine bar.

▪  Within the United States most bars are legally prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages to go as a measure to clearly define them different from the typical liquor store. Nonetheless in some territories such as Las Vegas, Georgia, New Orleans and Savannah brewpubs and wineries are permitted to serve alcohol under the applied liquor store rule prepared as open containers of alcohol to go.

▪  In the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio, bars by obtaining a take-out license are permitted to sell six-packs of beer sealed in their original containers “to-go” while the state of New Jersey permits the sale of all forms of goods packaged at bars including packaged wine, beer and any other alcoholic beverage.

The Hog’s Breath Salon

The Hog’s Breath Salon in Key West, Florida for 25 years has been a popular watering hole for visitors and residents found within Key West, Florida to have a cold drink, dine in an outdoor tropical setting or chose from a comfortable location in an indoor air conditioned bar and dining area.

The Salon via their online website features three live webcams offering a number of views taken from the Bar, the Stage and the Raw Bar shown in the links posted below.

View The Hog Bar Cam. 

View The Hog Stage Cam.

View The Hog Raw Bar Cam.

The Schooner Wharf Bar Webcam

The bar originally located on the Schooner Diamante then later moved to ashore, the Schooner Wharf Bar for 15 years has developed by expanding into neighboring building as well as adding a second-floor deck offering visitors with an enchanting view of the Key West’s Historic Seaport classic yachts. Schooner Wharf Bar via their online website offers visitors live view overlooking the outer bar and its patrons shown in the link provided below.

View The Schooner Wharf Bar Webcam.

The Sloppy Joe’s Bar Webcam

Since founded on December 5, 1933, the day marking the repeal of Prohibition, the popularly known Sloppy Joe’s Bar now seen by millions of visitors to Florida’s southernmost outpost has undergone two prior name changes and location including the addition of a dance floor and several trademark fixtures.

The bar today features a number of live webcams offering viewers to their website an first hand experience via their Live Stage Cam, Live Bar Cam, Live Crowd Cam and the Live Duval Street Cam as shown in gut links provided below.

View The Sloppy Joe’s Bar Webcam.

View Live Bar Cam Link.

View Live Crowd Cam Link.

View Live Duval Street Cam Link.


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