College Webcams

College Webcams

The word college derived from the latin word collegium refers to an academic foundation or learning institution known for providing individuals with a tertiary level education. Most colleges are generally found granting a variety of degrees for a number of courses successfully completed by the attending student.

Within the United States the word college has been occasionally used to refer to a section of a University, however most individuals have been found to use the words college and university interchangeably to frequently have the same meaning. Conversely commonwealth nations including Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia are known for using the word college when referring to a high school, or secondary school awarding commerce qualifications on behalf of a University.

Within the Unites States there are today more than four thousand colleges offering individuals with a post-secondary undergraduate education typically after graduating from high school. Nonetheless some students today have been known to dual-enroll by opting to register for a number of college subjects although still in high school.

Facts about Colleges

  • Both the United Stated state federal government in 2011 subsidized over one hundred thousand dollars in tuition fees for students registering for public universities recognizing an average of over fifty percent.
  • Colleges offering two-year courses are generally referred to as community or junior colleges awarding associate degrees, whereas colleges offering four year courses known as undergraduate institutions are noted for granting a bachelor’s degree to their graduates.
  • Institutions within the United States known for providing four year courses primarily offering a course study in liberal arts are widely known as liberal arts colleges.
  • The United States prior to the 20th century saw courses in medicine, law, divinity liberal arts and theology as the only curriculum of a higher form of learning provided for high school graduates.
  • Within the United States the first institutions of higher academic learning were founded by University of Cambridge and Oxford graduates.
  • In 1642 the very first degrees were awarded by the leaders of the Harvard College in the United States.
  • During the Morrill Lang-Grant Act established in 1862 several government funded public universities were established int he United States, however colleges located on the eastern coast including a few religious based and Ivy League colleges were recognized as the only colleges providing a higher form of education which was restricted to children of an elevated social status.
  • The Morrill act of 1862 post the American Civil War additionally allowed all states to set up a number of colleges primarily for the residents to increase the availability of a higher education by providing students with the necessary knowledge in areas of mechanical arts, home economics, agriculture and other professions to increase the productivity of the nation.

The Smith College Webcam

The Smith College located in Northampton Massachusetts opened in 1875 with a total of not more than 14 students and today recognized as one of the largest women’s college within the United Stated of America with a growing student population enrolling every state and over sixty international countries. Acknowledged as an independent college not restrictive to any specific religious denomination the Smith College since its foundation has maintained its commitment to providing women today with an education at the undergraduate level.

The Smith College via their website hosts an live webcam overlooking the Lyman Conservatory and College Lane for online viewers.

View The Smith College webcam.

The St. Olaf College Webcam

Recognized as one of the leading liberal arts college in the United States, the St. Olaf College has traditionally provided its students with a distinguished level of education rooted in a tradition vigorous in the Lutheran Faith, diligent academic programs, and suburban academic work.

Viewers to their website are able to watch live broadcasts featuring a number of daily events from a number of webcams on the college campus including the “Hi Mom!” webcam located in the Crossroads within the Buntrock Commons, the East Quad Camera overlooking the Regents Hall and Old Main, the Alumni Hall West Camera offering the audience a view of the Wind turbine and the Ytterboe Hall.

View The St. Olaf College webcam.

College of Charleston Live Broadcast Webcams

Seated in the center of historic Charlton in the state of South Carolina, the College of Charleston is renown within the United States as a university dedicated to the education of liberal arts and science. The college established in 1770 is recognized as one of the nation’s leading universities for providing students with an quality education at an affordable price. The college is famous for its campus history, exotic scenery merged with state of the art programs and present-day accommodations captivating a wide range of students both across the nation and the world today.

The College of Charleston boasts a number of webcams across the campus providing viewers with a live webcast from a number of locations including an overlooking view from the Bell Building of the marion and Wayland H. Cato Jr. Center for the Arts located at eh corner of St. Phillips and Calhoun Street, the Craig Hill Courtyard , the Beatty Center Atrium and several others shown below.

View College of Charleston Live Broadcast webcam.

Boston College Webcam

Rated as the 31st best College within the United States by the United Stated News and World Report and 26th among America’s Best Colleges in 2012 the Boston College awards more than 4,000 degrees each year in over 50 fields of study granted through a number of colleges and schools.

The College on May 16th 2003 led by a team of researchers launched its very first live broadcast with the assistance of two webcams providing viewers with an live stream of he o’Neil Plaza and the Gasson Quadrangle earning the website a total of over 4,000 visitors. Since then an additional four cameras were installed at various locations offering viewers a wider outlook of campus life including the Campus Green, Boston skyline, Corcoran Commons and a few other areas shown in the link below.

View Boston College webcam.


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