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From the taxonomic family of Elephantidae and the Proboscidea order the elephant is one of the largest mammals in existence today. Elephants are conventionally viewed in two species, the Asian elephant and the African elephant. Scattered throughout the southeastern and southern regions of Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, the elephant os the only surviving descendant of the of the Proboscidea family known for including the mastodons and the mammoth.

African male elephants largest of the surviving terrestrial mammals will often grow to a height of over thirteen feet with a total weight of more than fifteen thousand pounds.


Facts about Elephants

▪ One of the most notable features of the traditional elephant is its long trunk used for breathing, in addition of grasping and lifting objects.

▪ The front teeth or incisors of the elephant will grow to form its tusk and is often used as a defensive weapon against predators or an effective tool for moving large objects or for the purpose of digging.

▪ The large ear flaps of the elephant often used to characterize the famous elephant “Dumbo the flying Elephant” are effectively used to maintain their body temperature.

▪ Known as a herbivorous mammal with a preference to stay near water sources, the elephant can often be found in a variety of habitats such as marshes, deserts, savannas and forests.

▪ Respective to their disproportionately large effect on its environment the elephant is considered by many to be a keystone species playing a critical role in the structural maintenance of the ecological community having a vast effect on a large number of organisms within the ecosystem contributing to the numbers and types of other species within their community.

▪ Predators such as lions and tigers will often avoid targeting larger male elephants and instead will preferably attack younger elephants known as calves.

▪ Female elephant known as a cow will generally live in taxonomic groups often consisting of a single cow with calves or a number of closely related females and their young offspring. Such taxonomic family groups known as fission-fusion societies are traditionally led by a solitary male generally referred to as the matriarch or eldest bull of the group.

▪ The male elephant or bull will separate from their family group upon reaching the age of puberty to live in segregation or in a group of other male bulls. The male elephant realizing adulthood will enter a state of increased aggression and testosterone levels commonly referred to as musth during which he will begin to socialize with other family groups in search of a suitable cow for mating acquiring his male dominance and success for reproduction.

▪ Out of captivity the average elephant can live up to as long as seventy years.

▪ Often compared with the order Cetacea known for including marine mammals such as whales and dolphins and primates elephants have been known to display a high level of intelligence and self-awareness generally showing compassion and recognizable emotions of sadness for dead or dying elephants.

▪ It has been scientifically observed that the elephant communicates mainly through the four senses of sound, sight, touch and smell, utilizing low-frequency sounds below that of the normal limit of hearing known as infrasound as well as a vibrational form of communication through a series of seismic vibrations of the substrate known as Seismic communication.

▪ According to the International Union of Nature in its IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the Asian elephant is classified as an endangered species whilst the African elephant is listed as a species likely to become endangered unless notable improvements are observed respective to the current circumstances threatening its survival.

▪ For centuries and even today, the largest and most predominant threat to the existence of the elephant is the ivory trade which recognizes the elephant being targeted by poachers for the sale and production of ivory from their tusks.

The Elephant Safari Park & Lodge, Taro, Ubud, Bali

The Elephant Safari Park and lodge located in Bali Indonesia is owned and operated by Australian national Nigel Mason and his Balinese wife Yanie Nelson. The Bali Adventure Tours in collaboration with EarthCam from two independent cameras provides the online viewer with a live webcam stream of their Elephant Safari Adventure from the luxurious gardens of this tropical kingdom.

Adequately located in the village of Taro, close to the town of Ubud, the Elephant Safari Park today is the only Elephant park dedicated to the rescue of elephants on the island of Bali. Viewers through their live webcam can watch as guests and family members explore the lush surroundings of this paradise riding on the backs of these magnificent elephants.

View The Elephant Safari Park & Lodge webcam.

The Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary founded in 1995 and located in Tennessee United States of America is renown nationwide as the largest developed natural habitat rescue dedicated to the preservation of Asian and African elephants by catering to their individual needs and wellbeing. The Elephant Sanctuary in their efforts are known for providing its viewers with a live webcam stream of their captive elephants living in a natural and safe habitat.

View The Elephant Sanctuary webcam.

The Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo located on 6200 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, Texas in the United States allows its online viewers the opportunity to observe their elephants, giraffes, rhinos, chimpanzees and several other animals through a number of live webcams. Visitors to their website have the option to schedule their visits to the zoo in addition to accessing a host of other features including a calendar of events, internships and other vital information regarding the animals.

View The Houston Zoo webcam.

Czech Baby Elephant in Ostrava

For the first time in the history of the Slovak and Czech Zoos elephants have been bred in captivity. Streaming live with the assistance of two dedicated webcams, the Czech Zoo in Ostrava allows viewers to watch a paddock of elephants living in a natural habitat. The hear was originally bred from a male fondly known as Calvin, and three females Johti, the leading cow(female elephant), Visvesh the younger of the group and the eldest female Suseela.

View Czech Baby Elephant in Ostrava webcam.


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